Monday, July 29, 2013

Everyday life in 19th century America - Courting

Francis William Edmonds (Amercian genre painter, 1806-1863) Time to Go

Francis William Edmonds (Amercian genre painter, 1806-1863)  Barking Up the Wrong Tree

William Lippincott (American artist, 1849–1920) Love Finds the Way

Francis William Edmonds (Amercian genre painter, 1806-1863) The City and Country Beaux

John George Brown (American artist, 1831-1913)  Thus Perish the Memory of Our Love

 Thomas Prichard Rossiter (American artist, 1818–1871) Spilt Milk

Jennie Augusta Brownscombe (American, 1850-1936) Love's Young Dream

Henry Mosler (American genre painter, 1841-1920) The Chimney Corner

Jerome Thompson (American genre artist, 1814-1886) The Open Gate (aka Flirtation)

Eastman Johnson (American genre painter, 1824-1906). A Rustic Courtship

William Lippincott (American artist, 1849–1920) Love's Ambush

John George Brown (American artist, 1831-1913)   The Music Lesson

 Winslow Homer (American artist, 1836-1910) Waiting for an Answer
 Eastman Johnson (American genre painter, 1824-1906). The Early Lovers

Winslow Homer (American artist, 1836-1910) A Noon Time

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