Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gardeners Working - Illuminated Manuscripts - 1500s

Da Costa hours [1515 ] März Umgraben

March, from the London Rothschild Hours, Southern Netherlands (Ghent), c. 1500, British Library. Add MS 35313, f. 2v.  Three peasants labor in a partially walled & partially fenced-off garden. The men are digging to prepare the raised geometric beds & planting fruit trees, while the woman pulls up weeds. They are overseen by a gentlewoman, who is holding a small lapdog in her arms, as her female attendant follows behind.

March, from the Golf Book (Book of Hours, Use of Rome), workshop of Simon Bening, Netherlands (Bruges), c. 1540, Additional MS 24098, f. 20v

Angels serve as Gardeners in The Annunciation (detail) in the Spinola Hours, 1510–20, Master of James IV of Scotland.  J. Paul Getty Museum, Ms.Ludwig IX 18, fol. 92v

Viático de Vagamundo Illuminations by Simon Bening (ca 1483-1561)

Spinola Hours, 1510–20, Workshop of the Master of James IV of Scotland. J. Paul Getty Museum, Ms. Ludwig IX 18, fol. 2v

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