Friday, April 22, 2016

In the Countryside - 1300s-1500s Women on Horseback in Medieval Manuscripts, Drawings, & Paintings

1338 Ambrogio Lorenzetti (or Ambruogio Laurati) (c. 1290-1348)

 La Fleur des Histoires by Jean Mansel, 1450-80

Français 64  Les anciennes Histoires des Romains Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des manuscrits, Français 64, fol. 73r.

 Hunt with Hawks from the Hours of Duke de Berry, detail 1412-16

 Life of  Saint Jacques de Compostelle, 1386

Joan of Arc depicted on horseback, 1505 manuscript.

 Penthesilea as one of the Nine Female Worthies, 1460-70

  Roman du Chevalier, Tristan and Isolde, 15C.

Royal, Military and Court Costumes from the time of James I Folger Shakespeare Library

  Bodleian Alexander manuscript (MS Bodl. 264)

Bodleian, MS. Douce 195, detail of f. 109v Watched by Pity, Frankness, a woman on horseback, attacks the male Danger (Reserve) with lance Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meung, Le roman de la rose. France, 15C

Saint Helena & Heraclius taking the Holy Cross to Jerusalem by Miguel Ximenes, 1481

Table Ronde 13C Universitätsbibliothek Bonn and the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library.  Folio 489, ii F.

May from the Breviarium Grimani by Gerard Horenbout, Alexander & Simon Bening (1483-1561)  c. 1510

 The Month of May from the Hours of Duke de Berry 1412-16

Illustration from a Book of Poetry by Christine de Pisan,14th c. French School

Barbara of Celje from Manuscript  Bellifortis by Konrad Kyeser, c. 1405

 Venus and her children, the Wolfegg Housebook, c. 1475-1485

Lady probably hunting with hawks, mid 15C The British Museum playing cards printed by the German Monogrammist PW

 Lady on Horse by the German Monogrammist PW mid 15C The British Museum 

Lady on horse depicted on playing cards printed by the German Monogrammist PW mid 15C The British Museum 


  1. Thanks a lot for such delicious pictures- I just was looking for pictures to the topic- the ladies saddle. Your page was very useful.

  2. Very nice pics.
    However I believe some of them are "misdated".
    One obvious example is: "Life of Saint Jacques de Compostelle, 1386" where their costumes and haircuts indicate something at least mid-XVth century.