Friday, July 29, 2016

Heading West in 19C America

 Albert Fitch Bellows (American, 1829 - 1883)  Blueberry Pickers 1864

Whortleberry (Blueberry) Pudding
Whortleberries are good both in flour & Indian puddings. A pint of milk, with a little salt & a little molasses, stirred quite stiff with Indian meal, & a quart of berries stirred in gradually with a spoon, makes a good-sized pudding. Leave room for it to swell; & let it boil 3 hours.When you put them into flour, make your pudding just like batter-puddings; but considerably thicker, or the berries will sink. Two hours is plenty long enough to boil. No pudding should be put in till the water boils. Leave room to swell.
Child, Lydia Maria. The Frugal Housewife. Boston: 1830

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