Sunday, September 22, 2013

Women Artists & The French Revolution - Victoire Lemoine 1754-1802

Victoire Lemoine was a French painter. Born in Paris, where she also died, she was a student of François-Guillaume Ménageot, and took part in numerous Salons. She also may have been a student of Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun, for her painting Atelier of a Painter is probably a portrait of Vigee-Lebrun. Lemoine was a portraitist & miniaturist who was part of a generation of women who were able to enjoyed considerable success as professional artists both before and after the French revolution. Her sisters Marie-Denise Villers & Marie-Élisabeth Gabiou also became painters.

Victoire Lemoine (French artist, 1754-1802) Atelier of a Painter, Probably Madame Vigée Le Brun (1755–1842), and Her Pupil

Victoire Lemoine (French artist, 1754-1802) Portraits d'une soeur et d'un jeune frère

Victoire Lemoine (French artist, 1754-1802) Self Portrait of a Woman and Cupid