Friday, March 18, 2011

Women in Blue - For No Rhyme or Reason

Philip de Laszlo (Hungarian artist, 1869-1937) Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Duchess of York, later Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother 1925. Ivan Vishnyakov (Russian artist, 1699-1761) Portrait of S. E. Fermor, 1749.Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French Impressionist Painter, 1841-1919) Andree Heurschling in Blue 1917Pablo Picasso (Spanish artist, 1881-1973) The Artists's Sister, 1899.Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French Impressionist Painter, 1841-1919) Bust of a WomanPierre-Auguste Renoir (French Impressionist Painter, 1841-1919) The Parisian 1874 Laura Coombs Hills (American, 1859-1952) Fire Opal (Grace Mutell), 1899.V. L. Borovikovsky (Russian painter, 1757-1825) Catherine II, Walking Along the Tsarskoselskiy Park, 1794. Edouard Manet (French Realist, Impressionist painter, 1832-1883) Young Woman in a Round Hat 1877Mary Cassatt (American artist, 1844-1926) The Letter, c 1891.