Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coffee Tales

George I Side Handled Silver Coffee Pot London 1714 Jonathan Newton

The Natural History of Coffee, Thee, Chocolate, Tobacco  In four several sections; with a tract of  elder and juniper-berries shewing how useful they may be in our coffee houses... by John Chamberlayne 1666-1723 London Printed for Christopher Wilkinson 1682

"As for the qualities and nature of Coffee, our own Countryman, Dr Willis, has publish'd a very rational Account...The Dr makes one unlucky observation of this Drink, that it often makes Men Paralytick, and does so slacken their strings, as they become unfit for sports, and exercises of the Bed, and their Wives recreations...

"A Persian King, named Sultan Mahoment Caswin, who reigned in Persia, was so accustomed to drinking Coffee that he had an unconceivable aversion to Women, and that the Queen standing one day at her Chamber Window, and perceiving they were about gelding a Horse, ask'd some standers by, why they treated so handom a Creature in that manner; whereupon answere was made her that he was too fiery and mettlesome. The Queen reply'd that trouble might have been spar'd, since Coffee would have wrought the same effect, the experience being already try'd upon the King her Husband...

"Arabian Women are observ'd to promote their Monthly courses with Coffee, and to tipple constantly at it all the time they are flowing."

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