Saturday, March 19, 2016

Early Churches in original 13 British American colonies

There is an excellent, unassuming little blog on all 48 of Virginia's earliest churches, simply called Colonial Churches.  It was written by a fellow called Kallicrates, who described himself as "history buff riding around Virginia in a Mini Cooper or a road bicycle." His pen name is borrowed from Kallicrates (Καλλικράτης) who was Athenian architect, flourishing in Greece in the 5th century BC, who designed the Temple of Athena Nike on the Athenian Acropolis &, with Ictinus, the Parthenon.  The same gentleman compiled a list of early churches in America for Wikipedia. Our modern-day Kallicrates's descriptions of each Virginia church, its architecture & surrounding landscape are superb. I will post a few of his compilations here & hope that, if you are intrigued by old churches as I am, you will visit his fine work.

1610 St. John's Episcopal Church, established in 1610. Oldest English-speaking parish in continuous existence in US. 4th Parish 1728

1632-82 St Lukes said to be the oldest church in the US in one of the 13 original colonies, David King, Newport Parish Church.

1666 Christ Church, Durham Parish, Charles County, Maryland, established 1666, Oldest Episcopal 1732 building in Maryland.

1681 Old Ship Church Hingham, MA only remaining 17th-century Puritan meetinghouse in the US

1685 Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow, NY Oldest surviving church in NY

1698 Old Swedes Church, in Wilmington, Delaware is the oldest Swedish church in continuous use in the US

1699 Great Friends Meeting House in Newport, RI Oldest surviving church in RI

1703 Six Principle Baptist Church, North Kingstown, RI Perhaps oldest Baptist Church in US

1703 St Mary's Episcopal Church in Burlington, NJ, oldest church in NJ

1706 Old St Andrew's Episcopal Church, Charleston, SC Oldest Church in SC

1707 Old Narragansett Church Episcopal in Wickford Rhode Island is the oldest surviving Episcopal church in the New England

1743 Augustus Lutheran Church in Trappe, Pennsylvania, is the oldest unchanged Lutheran church building in US in continuous use by the same congregation.

1780 Barratt’s Chapel in Frederica, Delaware is the oldest house of worship built by and for a Methodist Society that is still in use in the US