Saturday, September 8, 2012

American naive artist Noah North 1809-1880 paints women, children, & a pretty fair dog

Noah North (1809-1880) Elizabeth Darrow of Holley, New York.

Noah North (American painter, 1809-1880) Unknown Lady in Elaborate Lace Bonnet

Born in Alexander, New York, Noah North was a relatively unknown portraitist whose art career seems to last only during the 1830s in the areas of Alexander, Holley, & Rochester, New York. He also journeyed into Ohio offering his services as a portrait painter & may have traveled as far as Cincinnati. He may have painted in Kentucky as well. No signed portraits from Noah North have yet been identified from the 1840s. Many naive painters saw a serious decline in the demand for their services with the development of less expensive photography in the 1840s. Another problem with Noah North's portraits is that they are similar to those of his colleague Milton W Hopkins; and therefore, often misattributed.

Noah North (American painter, 1809-1880) Gracie Beardsley Jefferson Jackman and Her Daughter c 1835

Noah North (American painter, 1809-1880) Boy with Dog

Noah North (American painter, 1809-1880) Eunice Eggleston Darrow Spafford

Noah North (American painter, 1809-1880) Family Portrait