Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jacob Frymire c 1770-1822 portrays no easy life for an early 19th-century American woman

1801 Jacob Frymire (American artist, c 1770-1822) Amelia Heiskell Lauck (1760-1842) of Winchester

I first saw the paintings of this artist at the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts at Old Salem, North Carolina, in early 1976.  This is another Lancaster County, Pennsylvania painter, Jacob Frymire (c 1770-1821), who worked as an itinerant artist in Virginia & Kentucky during the early 19th-century. The sitter he painted here was Amelia, the wife of Peter Lauck, who built the Red Lion Inn in Winchester, Virginia, in 1783. She was just 41 years old, when this portrait was painted, raising a family & keeping an inn offering food & lodging to strangers. How she had time to read or to study her Bible is mystifying to me.

Jacob Frymire (American artist, c 1770-1822) Charlotte Marsteller is often attributed to this artist

Jacob Frymire (American artist, c 1770-1822) Henrietta Priscilla Calmes, c.1810