Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Woman Artist - American Mabel Alvarez 1891–1985 Paints Herself & Others

Mabel Alvarez (1891-1985) Self-Portrait of the Artist 1923

Mabel Alvarez (1891–1985) was a Spanish-American artist & oil painter. She was born to a prominent Spanish family on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Mabel Alvarez (1891-1985) Self Portrait

In 1915, Alvarez enrolled in a Los Angeles art school, where she enjoyed immediate success.

Mabel Alvarez (1891-1985) Double Abstraction 1964

She painted a large mural for the Panama-California Exposition San Diego, for which she won a Gold Medal.

Mabel Alvarez (1891-1985) In the Garden c. 1922

Alvarez attended William Cahill’s School for Illustration & Painting in Los Angeles. Her first portrait painting was displayed at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 1917.

Mabel Alvarez (1891-1985) Figures by the Sea 1963

The primary color that Alvarez used to express herself was green; many soft hues of green, which to her represented joy, love, hope, youth & mirth.

Mabel Alvarez (1891-1985) Arabella 1930s

Alvarez continued to paint through her 60s & 70s and to exhibit regularly. Her works included Impressionism, as well as still-life & portrait painting. Her late pieces are introspective, focusing on religious & symbolic themes.

Mabel Alvarez (1891-1985) Girl Seated in the Garden

The later years of her life were spent in a retirement apartment & then in a nursing home. She died on March 13, 1985, at the age of 93 in Los Angeles.

Mabel Alvarez (1891-1985) Morning at the Shore 1966

Mabel Alvarez (1891-1985) The Figure at the Window

Mabel Alvarez (1891-1985) Ladies with Parasols 1958

Mabel Alvarez (1891-1985) Arabella with Calla Lillies 1934