Saturday, October 6, 2012

1930s America's Great Depression - Jobs & Art Across the Decade

Stuart Davis (American artist, 1894-1964) Impression of the New York World's Fair (mural study, Communications Building, World's Fair, Flushing, New York), 1938

During this 2012 presidential election period, there is alot of discussion about the economy.  Some compare the period of economic downturn, which began in 2007-8 as the the last presidency ended & the present one began, to the Great Depression of the 1930s.   To compound the present situation, we are experiencing a drought in much of the country, just as we did in the 1930s.

Frank C. Kirk (American artist, 1889-1963) Homeward, 1933

Joseph Raskin (American artist, 1897-1982) Sixth Avenue L, 1934

Harold Lehman (American artist, 1913-2006) The Driller (Mural at Rikers Island, New York), 1937

Allan Rohan Crite (American artist, 1910-2007) School's Out, 1936

Joseph Stella (American artist, 1877-2946) Metropolitan Port, 1935-1937

Mitchell Siporin (American artist, 1910-1976) Back o' the Yards #3, 1937

Frank Cassara (American artist, b 1913) Days Without End, 1937

Mervin Jules (American artist, 1912-1994) Dispossessed, 1938

Ernest Ralph Norling (American artist, 1892-1974) The Timber Bucker, 1934

Charles Burchfield, Black Iron, 1935

Ben Shahn (American artist, 1898-1969) The Riveter (mural study, Bronx, New York central postal station), 1938

Alexandre Hogue (American artist, 1898-1894) Crucified Land, 1939

Cyril E. Power, The Tube Train, 1934

Alice Ravenel Huger Smith (American artist, 1876-1958) Mending a Break in a Rice Field 1935

David Park, Two Flutists in Yellow 1938

Harry Gottlieb (American artist, 1895-1992) Industrial Plant, 1937

Clyfford Still 1937

Pauline Palmer (American artist, 1867–1938) Apple Pickers

Edward Millman (American artist, 1907-1964) Flop House, 1937

Earle Horter, The Chrysler Building Under Construction, 1931

Edward Burra, The Snack Bar 1930

Georgia O'Keeffe (American artist, 1887-1986) Manhattan, 1932

Victor Coleman Anderson (American artist, 1882–1937) The Young Patriot

Diego Rivera, Frozen Assets, 1931

Alexandre Hogue (American artist, 1898-1894) Dust Bowl, 1933

Joseph J. Stepauick, CCC Boys by the Sea, 1930s

Max Radler, The Station, 1933

Peggy Dodds (American artist, 1900–1987) A Family at the Table

Ralston Crawford (American artist, 1906-1978) Buffalo Grain Elevators, 1937

Leo Breuer, The Coal Carrier, 1931

John McCrady, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, 1937

Maynard Dixon, Shapes of Fear, 1930

Fletcher Martin (American artist, 1904-1979) Mine Rescue (mural study for Kellogg, Idaho Post Office), 1939

Jenne Magafan, The Windmill, 1937

Charles Turzak (American artist, 1899-1986) Work Relief, 1935

Ralston Crawford, Whitestone Bridge, 1930s

Stevan Dohanos (American artist, 1907-1994) Mining Village (Study for mural, Huntington, West Virginia forestry service building), 1937

Philip Evergood, Spring, 1934

William Gropper (American artist, 1897-1977) Construction of the Dam(study for mural, the Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C.), 1938

Edward Hopper, (American artist, 1882-1967) Chop Suey

Jack J. Greitzer (American artist, 1910-1989) Cooperative Planning and Developing, Wauseon, Ohio (mural study, Wauseon, Ohio Post Office)

Sandor Klein, American Farm Hand, 1937

Marvin Beerbohm (American artist, 1908-1991) Automotive Industry (mural, Detroit Public Library), 1940

Saul Levine, Dustbowl Farm Crisis 1939

Peter Blume, South of Scranton, 1931

Paul Cadmus (American artist, 1904-1999) Aspects of Suburban Life- Public Dock, 1936

Many works shown here are from The Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC.