Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and the Full Moon

Hurricane Sandy's impact on the Atlantic Coast of the United States intensified, as it combined with the full moon at high tide.  The Hunter’s Moon, which is also known as blood moon or sanguine moon, is the name given to October’s full moon. It follows the Harvest Moon, which is September’s moon.  Historically, the brightness of the moon made it ideal for hunters at night in Northern Europe. Native Americans adopted the name, as they hunted game for the winter by its light.  (Folks sometimes confuse the Harvest Moon with the Hunter's Moon, because once every 4 years or so the Harvest Moon appears in October instead of September. When that happens, the Hunter’s Moon is in November.)  Full moons have higher than normal tides which exacerbated the hurricane's destructive force and surging seas.
Moon from Cape May Lighthouse 29th October