Thursday, November 8, 2012

A few intriguing non-American 1750s portraits

François-Hubert Drouais (French painter, 1727-1775) Anne-Marie Françoise Doré

 Alexander Roslin (Swedish Painter, 1718-1798) Baroness de Neubourg-Cromière 1756

 Jean-Étienne Liotard (Swiss painter, 1702-1789) Madame Jean Tronchin

Martin van Meytens the Younger (Swedish artist, 1695–1770) Maria-Maria Theresa (1717-1780), archduchess of Austria, Holy Roman Empress, and queen of Hungary and Bohemia

Maurice Quentin de La Tour  (French painter, 1704-1788) Mlle Ferrand Meditating on Newton

 Vieira Lusitano (Portugese artist, 1699–1783) Maria I of Portugal 1753

 Jean-Étienne Liotard (Swiss painter, 1702-1789) Marthe Marie Tronchin

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