Sunday, July 7, 2013

Images of religion in 19C America

 Charles Fraser (1782-1860) Church at St. Andrews. South Carolina

Pavel Petrovich Svinin (Russian-born American genre artist, 1787-1839)  A Philadelphia Anabaptis Immersion during a Storm

William Russell Birch (English artist, 1755-1834) High Street, with the First Presbyterian Church. City of Philadelphia in the State of Pennsylvania, North America, as it appeared in the Year 1800

Asher Brown Durand (American artist, 1796-1886) Sunday Morning 1839

Unknown Artist, Moravian Single Sister, ca. 1810-1820

1836 J. C. Bridgewood (American artist, 1800s) Saint John's Church

John Eastman (American Painter, fl 1842-1880) The Lord is My Shepherd

 Charles Fraser (1782-1860) Church at St. James at Goose Creek, South Carolina

Pavel Petrovich Svinin (Russian-born American genre artist, 1787-1839) ) Black Methodists Holding a Prayer Meeting

William Russell Birch (English artist, 1755-1834) Old Lutheran Church in Fifth Street, Philadelphia.

 John Eastman (American Painter, fl 1842-1880) Sunday Morning

Charles Fraser (1782-1860) View of St. James Goose Creek

Henry Bacon (American-born artist, 1839-1912) Pay Attention

Charles Fraser (1782-1860) Meeting House near Jacksonborough, South Carolina

Carl Christian Anton Christensen (Danish-American artist, 1832-1912) - Burning of the Nauvoo, Illinois Mormon Temple in 1848  Destruction of the Mormon Temple (from the Nauvoo Patriot, Nauvoo, Illinois) "November 19, 1848: On Monday the 19th of November, our citizens were awakened by the alarm of fire, which, when first discovered, was bursting out through the spire of the Temple, near the small door that opened from the east side to the roof, on the main building. The fire was seen first about three o'clock in the morning, and not until it had taken such hold of the timbers and roof as to make useless any effort to extinguish it."