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Fashion! - Turquerie & Neoclassical portraits attributed to Englishman Francis Cotes 1726-1770

Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770)  Elizabeth (Gunning), Duchess of Argyll

Francis Cotes was born in London, the son of Robert Cotes, an apothecary.  Cotes trained with portrait painter George Knapton (1698–1778) before setting up his own business in his father's apothecary on London's Cork Street—where he learned about chemistry for his pastels.  An admirer of the pastel drawings of Rosalba Carriera, Cotes wanted to imitate his style.  In the early 1740s, he began using crayons.  The artist produced his1st pastels around 1747, and began using oils for larger portraits around 1757.  Because we are looking at costumes in these postings, it is interesting to note that the costumes in Cotes' portraits after 1746, were usually done by Peter Toms, who also performed the same task for Joshua Reynolds. It is impossible to know if the Neoclassical & Turquerie elements in either Cotes' or Reynolds' portraits were their creation or Toms.  Cotes was a networker.  He helped found the Society of Artists and became its director in 1765. Cotes was invited to become one of the 1st members of the Royal Academy, but he died just 2 years later at age 44. 

 Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Mary Radclyffe, 1755

Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Elizabeth Myddleton, 1772

 Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Portrait of a Lady c 1760s

Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Mrs Richard Miles

Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Mary Colby (1745–1774)

Francis Cotes R.A. Portrait of Maria Walpole, Countess Waldegrave, Later Duchess of Gloucester + Edinburgh (1736-1807) 1765

 Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Portrait Of A Lady, Said To Be Henrietta Conyers

Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Catherine Fleming (d.1786), Lady Leicester

Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770)  Kitty Fisher

 Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Rhoda Delaval (1725–1757), Lady Astley 1756

 Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Portrait of a Lady (possibly a member of the Buccleugh family)

Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Elizabeth Campbell (d.1816), Mrs Joseph Adams 1762

 Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770)  Portrait of a Lady

 Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Lady Stanhope and the Countess of Effingham as Diana, and Her Companion 1765

Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Dorothea Tucker

 Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Sarah Bacon (1726–1770), Mrs Pryse Campbell 1762

Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Alice, Countess of Shipbrook

Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Lady Henrietta Godolphin, Duchess of Newcastle 1760s

 Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Mary Dering

Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Maria Wicker (d.1785), Lady Broughton 1767-70

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