Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fashion! - European 18C Turquerie wraps with a variety of fur trims & attitudes!

1720 Nicolas de Largillière (French artist, 1656-1746) Lady as a sultana

 1727 Andreas Moeller (1684-1762) Young Maria Theresia

 1742 Portrait of Theodore Elizabeth Catherine, Baroness de Besenval, married, in 1733, to Charles Louis Guillaume, Marquis de Broglie

 1743 Jacques-André-Joseph Aved (1702-1766) Portrait of a lady in Turkish dress

1750 Jean-Baptiste Greuze (French artist, 1725-1805) Marquise de Chauvelin

1754 Martin van Meytens (Swedish artist, 1695-1770) Maria Thersia

1755 Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Mary Radclyffe

 1756 Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Rhoda Delaval (1725–1757), Lady Astley

1759 Martin van Meytens (Swedish artist, 1695-1770) Maria Theresa of Austria

 1760 Heinrich Carl Brandt (Austiran artist, )Elizabeth Augusta von der Pfaltz

 1762 François-Hubert Drouais (French artist, 1727-1775)  Mlle de Romans en turque

 1770 Joshua Reynolds (English artist, 1723–1792) Emily, Duchess of Leinster

 1770-1 Joshua Reynolds (English artist, 1723–1792) Mrs Trecothick in Turkish Dress

1770s Countess Palatine Elisabeth Auguste of Sulzbach (1721-1794)

 1772 Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Elizabeth Myddleton

1772 Princess Louise of Denmark dressed for a Masquerade in Turkish dress

 1774-6 Joshua Reynolds (English artist, 1723–1792) Mrs Richard Paul Jodrell

1780 Maria Anna Angelica Katharina Kauffman (Swiss-Austrian artist, 1741-1807) Portrait of Mary Walsh Mrs Clavering

1790 Jean-Baptiste Greuze (French artist, 1725-1805)  Portrait of Mademoiselle Guimard

 Carle Charles-André van Loo  (French Painter, 1705-1765) Portrait of a lady

Francis Cotes (English Painter, 1726-1770) Catherine Fleming (d.1786), Lady Leicester

George Knapton (English artist, 1698–1778) Lady Mary Montagu

 Jean-Baptiste Le Prince (French Painter, 1734-1781) Lady in Turkish Dress

 Jean-Baptiste Le Prince (French Painter, 1734-1781) Young woman in Turkish costume

 Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Workshop of Martin van Meytens (Swedish artist, 1695-1770) Maria Theresia