Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fashion! - Turquerie from 18C English artist George Knapton 1698-1778

George Knapton  (English artist, 1698-1778) Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Howard

George Knapton was born in London, the son of James Knapton, a Bookseller of Ludgate street. He was apprenticed for 7 years to Jonathan Richardson the Elder from 1715.  By 1720, he was also officially studying art at the St Martin’s Lane Academy, then run by Louis Ch√©ron & John Vanderbank. He spent some years in Italy studying art & socializing with others on the Grand Tour, many of whom became his clients & friends upon their return to England.

George Knapton  (English artist, 1698-1778) Portrait of a Lady thought to be Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

George Knapton  (English artist, 1698-1778) Catherine Collingwood, Lady Throckmorton