Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Flowers are blooming in pots...

 Alfred Stevens (Belgian Painter, 1823-1906) Still Life with Geraniums 1889

 Claude Monet (French artist, 1840-1926) Three Pots of Tulips 1882

 Dora Bromberger (German artist, 1871-1943) Still Life with Plants 1924

 Emile Bernard (French Symbolist Painter, 1868-1941) Still Life with Flowers 1889

 Fidelia Bridges (American artist, 1834–1923) Pink Cyclamen

 Henri Matisse (French artist, 1869-1954) Le Geranium 1910

 Otto Didrik Ottesen (Danish-born artist, 1816-1892) Strawberries in a Pot

 Paul Cezanne (French artist, 1839-1906) Pots of Geraniums

 Paul Cezanne (French artist, 1839-1906) The Flower Pots 1883-87

 Pieter Snayers (Flemish Baroque Era Painter, 1592-c 1667) Still Life with Vegetables and Flowers

 Rhoda Carleton Holmes Nicholls (British-born American artist, 1854-1930) Still Life 1930

Vincent van Gogh (Dutch artist, 1853-1890). Flower Pot with Chives