Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mostly English & Dutch Children in 1620-1650 - All clothed in starched whites

1602 Juan Pantoja de la Cruz (1533-1608) Portrait of Anne of Austria (1601-1666)

1608 English School Portrait of a child in a white dress, standing beside his cot inscribed and dated "AETATIS SUAE. 1." and "ANNO 1608."

1610 Santiago Morán (1571-1626) Infanta Margarita Francisca (1610-1616)

1615 William Larkin, (English artist, 1580c.-1619) A Baby, Said to be Lady Waugh

 1622 Anonymous, Portrait of Sixtus van der Laen

The paintings of 17C Holland are the perfect place to look for change in the roles of children & parents.  Portrait painting thrived in the Netherlands in the 17C, where a large mercantile class seemed far more ready to commission portraits than their peers in other countries. One study estimates 17C Dutch portrait production between 750,000 & 1,100,000 portraits.  Portraits of individual children were common in the 17C Holland.  In the Netherlands at this time, children were being recognized as important to the foundation of a secure family unit.  During this period throughout Europe, there was a gradual recognition that childhood was a time distinct from adulthood—a period of dependency with its own unique experiences.  In the early 17C portraits of children rendered childlike images rather than the earlier stiff miniature adults or wooden dolls. These children dressed in white have definite childlike attributes, but they are still trussed up in starchy, adult-style gowns. 

 1623 Paulus Moreelse (Dutch artist, 1571-1638) Portrait of a Little Girl

Wybrand de Geest (Dutch artist, 1592-1661-65) Portrait of Child with a Hat

1600s Thomas Smyth (English artist, d 1642) Portrait of a Boy

1624 Mary Carpenter

1625 Cornelis I Johnson (1593-1661) Portrait of a Child

1625 Anonymous, portrait of Christina Vervoorn, 1625

1633 Portrait of Naleken Kelffken

1634 Paulus Moreelse (Dutch artist, 1571-1638)  Young Boy Signed and dated 1634

 1634  Jan Cornelisz van Loenen (Dutch artist, 1590-1630) Portrait of Willem van der Muelen, Age 3

 1636 Jan Cornelisz van Loenen (Dutch artist, 1590-1630) Poetrait of a Two-Year-Old Girl

 1640 Dirck Dircksz van Santvoort (Dutch artist, 1610–1680) Portrait of Abraham Alewijn

1640 Govert Flinck (Dutch artist, 1615-1660) Little Girl by a High Chair  While young Dutch boys & girls were often dressed identically, this is probably a girl with a garland in her hair. She has the typical rattle or teething toy around her neck, which, with its semiprecious stone at the end, also served as an amulet to protect the child from illness, as child mortality was high.  She is accessorized with 3 strands of beads & a straw basket. Her small hands grasp at a biscuit & some sweets that sit on her carved wooden high chair.

1641 Dirck Dircksz van Santvoort (Dutch artist, 1610–1680)  Boy in White

1643 Justus Sustermans (Flemish painter, 1597-1681), Cosimo III de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany

1648 Gerard Terborch (Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1617-1681) Portrait of Helena van der Schalcke (1646-1671)

1640s Justus Sustermans (Flemish painter, 1597-1681), Cosimo III de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany

Unidentified artist. Portrait of a child.