Thursday, October 9, 2014

Illuminated Manuscripts - Lancelot & Guinevere's 1st kiss

Galehaut Arranged Lancelot and Guinevere' First Kiss Manuscript illustration, c 1400 Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris   Author's note: Lancelot has a fetching leg...

And so, the story goes...Guinevere wanted to meet the knight, who saved her husband King Arthur's kingdom. She persuaded Galehaut to arrange a meeting between her & the unknown Black Knight.

Galehaut left them alone, so that they could talk; & he joined a group of ladies that Guinevere had brought along. One of the ladies was the Lady of Malohaut, who once had imprisoned Lancelot & soon recognized her former prisoner.

Lancelot was overwhelmed & embarrassed in her presence. Guinevere soon recognized, that he was Lancelot of the Lake. She quickly realized, that the young hero was in love with her; & that all he had done was for her sake, not for her husband Arthur.

Guinevere was smitten. Galehaut coaxed the queen to return Lancelot's love, which was certainly not difficult. She agreed to kiss Lancelot, as a token of her love for the hero. Galehaut arranged that they would kiss one another, while Galehaut blocked the view from the ladies.

Lady of Malohaut knew that Lancelot was in love with the queen. She told the queen, that she would help her be with Lancelot. Each day Guinevere's friends secretly made arrangements for where Lancelot & Guinevere could meet to make love. Or they might have just talked about the weather, this part of the story is not very specific.