Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Keeping Birds in Cages from the early 1500 to the early 1900s

1510 possibly Cornelis Massijs (c1511–c 1557) The Bellows Repairer

Recently I got an email from the director of The Golden Ball Tavern Museum which has stood on the "great country road" in Weston, Massachusetts, since 1768.  It operated as an inn between 1770 & 1793, and has been reopened as an historic site since the late 1900s.  The Director asked if I knew of birds in cages in American taverns of the 1700s. The question sort of intrigued me, because I have a friend who owns a 1700s American tavern nearby.  I thought it might be fun to survey paintings of birds in cages.  As you will see, several of these birds are, indeed, in taverns.  I am exhausted; however, who knew artists painted so many birds in cages across the centuries. 

1540 Jan van Hemessen (1500-1599) Merry Company

1560 Pieter Aertsen (1508-1575) Peasants by the Hearth

1600s Cornelis Dusart (1660-1704) Tavern Scene

1600s Pieter de Hooch (1629-1684) Interior Child Feeding a Parrot

1660 Gerard Dou (1613-1675) Old Woman Watering Flowers

1660 Jan Steen (Dutch artist, 1626-1679) Merry Couple

1662 Samuel van Hoogstraten (1627-1678) View of a Corridor

1663 Jan Steen (Dutch artist, 1626-1679) The Dancing Couple

1664 Caspar Netscher (1635-1684) Lady with a Parrot, Monkey, and Man

1665 Jan Steen (Dutch artist, 1626-1679) The way you hear it is the way you sing it

1666 Caspar Netscher (1635-1684) Lady at the Window

1687 Willem van Mieris (Dutch artist, 1662-1747) The Escaped Bird

1694 Jan Anthonie Coxcie (c 1660-1720) A Family

1700-1800s Johann Heinrich Tischbein the Younger (1742-1808) Woman with Parrot

1700s George Smith (English artist, 1713–1776) Wooing and cooing

1700s Jean Raoux (French Rococo Era Painter, 1677-1734)

1700s Johann Christian Fiedler (1697-1765) Woman with Parrot

1728 Willem van Mieris (Dutch artist, 1662-1747) Mother and Children

Jacopo Amigoni (Italian artist, c 1682-1752) The Elements - Air (Catching a bird for the awaiting cage.)

1755-60 François Boucher (French artist, 1703-1770) Portrait de Madame Baudouin

1758 John Singleton Copley (American artist, 1738-1815). Detail Anne Fairchild (Mrs. Metcal Bowler) with bird in birdcage.

1780 Jean-Louis Voille (1744-1803) Portrait of Evdokiya Nikolayevna Chesmenskaya

1788 Charles Willson Peale (American artist, 1741-1827). Detail of Mrs. Richard Gittings with bird in cage.

1800-1900s Robert Payton Reid (Scot artist, 1859-1945) Love's Messenger

1800s Adolf Eberle (1843-1914) Musician (with 2 dogs, a dead deer, 2 maids, & a bird in a cage?)

1800s Anne-Geneviève Greuze (1762-1842) Mother and son with bird

1800s Bernardus Johannes Blommers. (Dutch artist, 1845-1914) The Pretty Bird

1800s Emile Levy (French Academic Painter, 1826-1890)  Morning Glories

1800s Ferdinand de Braekeleer. (Belgian artist, 1792-1883) The Bird Has Flown

1800s Jan Frederik Pieter Portielje (Dutch painter, 1829-1908) Bird Cage

1800s Joseph Caraud (French painter, 1821-1905)  The Love Birds

1800s Nicolas Lancret (English artist, 1690-1743) The Bird Cage

1800s Otto Eerelman (Dutch artist, 1839-1926) Woman at Bird Cage

1800s Victoriano Codina Langlin (Spanish artist, 1844-1911) Woman with Bird

1820 Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (Danish painter, 1783-1853) Bella and Hanna The Eldest Daughters of M.L. Nathanson

1820 John Lewis Krimmel (German-born American artist, 1786-1821) Country Wedding

1825 Martinus Rørbye (1803-1848) View from the Artist's Window

1844 Joseph Desire Court (French artist, 1797-1865) Rigolette Seeks to Distract Herself During the Absence of Germain 1844

1847 Károly Brocky (Hungarian artist, 1807–1855) Woman and Bird

1849 Josephus Laurentius Dyckmans (Belgian artist, 1811-1888)  A Peaceful Interlude

1853 Walter Howell Deverell (English artist, 1827–1854) A Pet

1854 Joseph Karl Stieler (German painter, 1781-1858) The children of Max Joseph in Bayern

1858 Hermann Volz (1814-1894) The Small Kitten

1865 Louis Joseph Caymans The Birdcage

1869 Ange Francois (1800-1867) Futterung des Papageis

1870s Francois J. Jacobs (fl 1870s) Woman with Bird Cage

1871 Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French Impressionist Painter, 1841-1919)  Rapha Maitre

1871 Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French Impressionist Painter, 1841-1919)  Woman with a Parrot Henriette Darras

1872 Dante Gabriel Rossetti (English artist, 1826-1882) Veronica

1873 Angiolo Romagnioli The Little One

1873 Wassilij Wladimirowitsch Pukirew (1832-1890) Die Mitgift

1875 Joseph Caraud (French painter, 1821-1905) The Pet Canaries

1877 Emile Pierre Metzmacher (French artist, 1815-1890) The Songbird

1877 Heywood Hardy (British painter, 1843-1933) The Aviary

1898 Mary Cassatt (American artist, 1844-1926) Woman with a Parakeet

1900 Jozsef Rippl-Ronai (Hungarian Painter, 1861-1927) Woman With Birdcage

1900s Emile Pap (Hungarian artist, 1884-1945) Woman with Bird

1900s Karl Albert Buehr (American painter, 1866–1952) A Pledge of Love

1900s Margaret Murray Cookesley d 1927 A Caged Bird

1907 Henry Tonks (British Painter, 1862-1937) The Birdcage

1907 John Byam Liston Shaw (Indian-born British painter, 1872–1919) The Caged Bird

1915 Gerke Henkes (1844-1927) Motherhood

1919 Joseph Rodefer DeCamp (American artist, 1858-1923)  Blue Bird

1934 Phillip Connard, (English painter, 1875-1958)  Budgerigars