Tuesday, January 31, 2017

18C American Mothers & Children by Ralph Earl 1751-1801

1788 Ralph Earl (1751-1801). Martha Tennent (Mrs. David Rogers) and Daughter.

1790 Ralph Earl (1751-1801). Mary Floyd (Mrs. Benjamin Tallmadge) with Son and Daughter Mary Henry Floyd Jones.

1790 Ralph Earl (1751-1801). Abigail Starr (Mrs. William Taylor) and Son Daniel.

1791 Ralph Earl (1751-1801). Mrs. William Moseley and Son Charles.

1793 Ralph Earl (1751-1801). Sarah McCurdy (Mrs. Henry Channing) and Son William Henry

1796 Ralph Earl (1751-1801) Mrs. Elijah Boardman and Son

1796 Ralph Earl (1751-1801) Annie Lovett McClellan and Daughter

Before Ralph Earl returned to the United States, he painted this mother and daughter in England.

1783 Ralph Earl (1751-1801) Lady Williams and Child