Friday, May 30, 2014

Paintings of Poppies in the fields...

 William Blair Bruce (Canadian Painter, 1859-1906 Landscape with Poppies

 John Singer Sargent (American artist, 1856–1925)  Poppies

 Guy Orlando Rose (American artist, 1867–1925)  Poppy Field

 Giuseppe De Nittis (Italian artist, 1846-1884) Poppies

  Ernest Bieler (Swiss painter, 1863-1948)  Poppies

 Willard LeRoy Metcalf (American artist, 1858-1925) Poppy Garden

 William Wendt (American artist, 1865-1946)  Red Poppies

 Robert Vonnoh (American painter, 1858-1933)  Poppies 1888

 Vincent van Gogh (Dutch artist, 1853–1890)  Field with Poppies

 Jan Baptist Scherer (German artist, 1869-1910) Poppies

 Pal Szinyei Merse (Hungarian painter, 1845-1920) Poppies in the Field

 Gustav Klimt (Austrian painter, 1862-1918) Poppy Field

 Mary Stevenson Cassatt (American artist, 1844–1926), Red poppies

 Maria Oakey Dewing (American artist, 1845-1927)  A Bed of Poppies

 Robert Vonnoh (American painter, 1858-1933) Coquelicots

 Abbott Fuller Graves (American artist, 1859–1936)  Poppies, 1905-1910

Pyotr Konchalovsky (Russian painter, 1876-1956) Poppies

 Charles-Franois Daubigny (French painter, 1817-1878)  Fields in the Month of June

 John Ottis Adams (American artist, 1851-1927) In Poppyland

 Albert Lebourg (French artist, 1849-1928) Poppies

 Frederick Childe Hassam (American artist, 1859-1935)  Poppies, Isles of Shoals, 1891

  John Leslie Breck (American arrist, 1860-1899) The Poppies

Pierre Arthur Gaillard (French artist, fl. 1878-1895)  A Corner of the Field in Bloom

Robert Vonnoh (American painter, 1858-1933) Poppies in France, 1888