Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dogs from the early 1300s Codex Manesse

Codex Manesse Konradin von Hohenstaufen - Hunting Dogs

Manesse Codex is a book copied & illustrated between 1305 & 1340 in Zürich. It contains love songs in Middle High German by important poets, several of whom were famous rulers. The Codex Manesse portrays fearless knights & coy maidens engaged in hunting & fighting as well as courtly intrigues. Within these small paintings, dogs occasionaly appear. The manuscript was compiled at the request of the Manesse family as an attempt to record the major figures of the minnesang - the German tradition of composing & performing love songs.

Codex Manesse Von Obernburg - Lap Dog

Codex Manesse Meister Johannes Hadlaub - Lap Dogs