Monday, June 9, 2014

Maurice Pendergrast (1858-1924) paints Central Park in New York City

Maurice Brazil Prendergast (American artist, 1861-1924) Central Park NYC 1901

Maurice Brazil Prendergast (1858-1924) was an American Post-Impressionist artist who worked mostly in watercolor, & monotype. He is known for the delicacy of his compositions & mosaic-like beauty of his style.  Prendergast painted leisurely scenes set on beaches & in parks with boldly contrasting, bright jewel colors, & pattern forms rhythmically arranged on canvas.

 Maurice  Brazil Prendergast (American artist, 1861-1924) 1901 The Mall, Central Park

Construction of New York City's Central Park began in 1857, on 840 acres in the center of Manhattan. The terrain was unsuitable for commercial building due to its combination of swampy & rocky areas. City planners & the park’s designer Frederick Law Olmsted envisioned an area with the feel of unspoiled countryside, where gentlemen & ladies could relax & socialize. Park rules favored sedate behavior. By the end of the 19C however, activities were allowed on Sundays, & people were allowed to walk in the expansive grassy areas.

 Maurice Brazil Prendergast (American artist, 1861-1924) 1900 Central Park

 Maurice Brazil Prendergast (American artist, 1861-1924) 1902 The Bridle Path, Central Park

 Maurice Brazil Prendergast (American artist, 1861-1924) 1900-03 Central Park

Maurice Brazil Prendergast (American artist, 1861-1924) 1914-15c Central Park

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