Friday, August 15, 2014

Japonisme by American Richard E Miller (1875–1943)

Richard Edward Miller (American painter, 1875-1943) Goldfish 1912

Japonisme is the influence of Japanese art, fashion, & aesthetics on Western culture.  Japonisme was a term first applied to art in the 1870s.  An American artist who was able to combine all of the elements of Impressionism into purely American paintings was Richard (Edward or Emil) Miller (1875–1943). Here we have Japonisme goldfish, Asian robes, parasols, taking tea, women at ease, fans, & gardens--all the subjects so dear to the hearts of the Impressionists.

Richard Edward Miller (American painter, 1875-1943) An Artistic Reverie 1909

Miller studied at the St. Louis School of Fine Arts, then he sailed for Paris to study at Academie Julian (1898–1901).

Richard Edward Miller (American painter, 1875-1943) The Shadow

In the decades after the Civil War, Paris became an irresistible attraction for thousands of American artists and art students. They came to study the old masters hanging at the Louvre. They came to examine the modern art on display at the annual Paris Salon and at smaller exhibitions, among them the 8 shows organized by the Impressionists. They came to learn, at the prestigious École des Beaux-Arts and at many private studios. They came to make new contacts, immersing themselves in the city's vibrant artistic life. Boston painter May Alcott described the experience as being plunged into an "art atmosphere" where the whole city seemed to be "one art studio."

Richard Edward Miller (American painter, 1875-1943) The Goldfish Bowl

Miller became a member of the “Giverny Group,” the 2nd generation of American artists to study & paint near Claude Monet's magnificent garden. He lived in France until 1914, working in various Paris studios in the winters and teaching summer classes at Giverny & Normandy. His subjects were almost exclusively women enjoying a moment of quiet reverie. On his return to America, Miller became a founder, along with Edmund Greacen, of the Provincetown Artists Colony.

Richard Edward or Emil Miller (1875-1943) The Pool 1910

Richard Edward or Emil Miller (1875-1943) Chinese Statuette

Richard Edward or Emil Miller (1875-1943) Morning Sunlight

Richard Edward or Emil Miller (1875-1943) Daydreams 1916