Tuesday, March 24, 2015

15C-20C Women reading indoors across the globe

Master Of Flemalle (Robert Campin) Annunciation Detail 1425

The luxury of reading a book outdoors is nearing an end. 

 Artist Unknown Mary Magdalene Reading (c 1525-50)

Paolo Zacchia il Vecchio (the elder) (1519-1561) Portrait of a Woman with a Book

 Unknown Artist, Mary Nevill, Lady Dacre, 9th Baroness Dacre) Holding Book c 1545-49

Joachim Anthonisz Wtewael (Dutch artist, 1566-1638),- Eva Wtewael - the Artist’s Daughter Making Lace & Reading

 Follower of David Teniers the Younger (1610-1690) Old Woman Reading

Allan Ramsay (Scottish artist,  1713-1784) Emily, Marchioness of Kildare, c. 1764-66

Pierre Augustin Thomire (French artist, 1724-1808) Woman Reading 1775

Jean-Etienne Liotard (Swiss artist, 1702-1789) Marie Adelaide de France 1753

Henry Robert Morland (British artist, 1716–1797) Woman Reading by a Paper-bell Shade c. 1766.

 François Boucher (French painter, 1703–1770) Madame du Pompadour

Wybrand Hendriks (Dutch painter, 1744-1831) Portrait of Mrs. Mobachius Quaet, 1801

Wybrand Hendriks (Dutch painter, 1744-1831) A Good Book

Wybrand Hendriks (Dutch painter, 1744-1831) Old Woman Reading

Jean-Pierre de Saint-Ours (Swiss artist, 1752-1809)  Young Woman

 George Romney (British artist, 1734-1802) Serena Reading c 1782

George Romney (British artist, 1734-1802) Benedetta Ramus

 Francis Alleyne (English artist, 1774-1790) Portrait of a lady c. 1790

Friedrich von Amerling (Austrian-born artist, 1803-1887) In Traumen Versunken, 1835

Thomas Francis Dicksee (English artist, 1819–1895) Ophelia

De Keyser (Belgian painter, 1813-1887) Saint Margaretha

Jules-Joseph Lefebvre (French Academic Painter, 1836-1911)

Henri Rouart (French artist, 1833-1912)

Henriette Browne (French Painter, 1829-1901) A Girl Writing 1860-80

Albert Anker (Swiss artist, 1831-1910) School girl's Homework 1879

Henri Fantin-Latour (French Realist painter, 1836-1904) La Liseuse, 1861

Camille Corot (French artist, 1796-1875) La lecture interrompue, 1870

William Frederick Yeames (British painter, 1835–1918)

Gustave Cailebotte (French artist, 1848–1894), Woman Reading 1880

Albert Edelfelt (Finnish artist, 1854-1905) Lukeva Ninen, 1885

Lovis Corinth (German painter, 1858-1925) Girl Reading

Jean Raoux (French artist, 1677-1734) Young Woman Reading a Letter

Albert Edelfelt (Finnish artist, 1854-1905) Good Friends (Berta and Capi), 1882

Camille Pissarro (French artist, 1831-1903) Jeanne Reading, 1899

Ramon Casas i Carbó (Spanish painter, 1866-1932) 1899

John William Waterhouse (English artist, 1849-1917 ). The Missal 1902

Paul Gustave Fischer (Danish painter, 1860-1934) A Good Book 1905

Sarah Birch (British Artist) Portrait of a Young Edwardian Lady Reading

Poul Friis Nybo (Danish artist, 1869-1929) Reading by Lamplight 1917

Marie Spartali Stillman (English artist, 1844-1927) Love Sonnets, 1894

Poul Friis Nybo (Danish artist, 1869-1929) Woman Reading 1929

Ilia Galkin (Russian artist, 1860-1915) Reading

Alfred Stevens (Belgian painter, 1823-1906) Jeune fille lisant

Fernand Toussaint (Belgian painter, 1873-1955)

Carl Holsoe (Danish Painter, 1863-1935) Woman Reading Indoors

Fernand Toussaint (Belgian painter, 1873-1955) La Femme Accoudee

Anton Faistauer (Austrian artist, 1887-1930) Woman Reading

Pierre-Auguste Cot (French Academic Painter, 1837-1883) Ophelia Young Woman Reading a Book

Nikolai Polyankov (Russian artist, b 1921) Girl Reading

Herman Jean Joseph Richir (Belgian artist, 1866-1942) Young Woman Reading

Franz Eybl (Austrian painter, 1806-1880) Girl Reading

John Lavery (Irish painter, 1856-1941) Miss Auras The Red Book

Henri Fantin-Latour (French Realist painter, 1836-1904) The Reader 1861

Delphin Enjolras (French Academic painter, 1857-1945) Lady Reading

Salvador Tuset (Spanish painter, 1883-1951)

Henri Le Fauconnier (French artist, 1881-1946) Schoolgirl

Emma Fordyce MacRae (American painter, 1887-1974) Melina in Green, 1930.

Camilo Mori (Chilean Painter, 1896-1973) Woman with Book

Ulisse Caputo (Italian artist, 1872-1948) Woman Reading

Aristide Maillol (French artist, 1861-1944) Woman Reading

Alberto Pisa (British artist, 1854-1936) Reading

Alfred Stevens (Belgian Painter, 1823-1906) Reverie

Mihaly von Munkacsy (Hungarian Realist painter, 1844–1900) Study for Paradise Lost 1899

Alfred Stevens (Belgian Painter, 1823-1906) Woman Reading

Guy Orlando Rose (American artist, 1867-1925) Marguerite 1918

George Spencer Watson (British painter, 1869-1934) Betty McCann 1927

 Emile Bernard (French painter, 1868-1941] Young Woman in Kimono, Reading 1887

Alexander M. Rossi (British artist, 1840-1916 ) The Morning News

David Oyens (Dutch artist, 1842-1902) Young Woman Reading in the Studio

Stuart G. Davis (British artist, fl 1890-1905) A Good Book

Vincent van Gogh (French painter, ) Madame Ginoux with Books

Henri Emile Benoit Matisse (1869-1954) Girl Reading

Jean Baptiste Camille Corot (1821-1875) Woman Reading

August Macke (German artist, 1887-1914) Elizabeth Gerhardt Reading 1910

Albert Anker (Swiss artist, 1831-1910) Girl Reading 1882

Friedrich von Amerling (Austrian Academic Painter, 1803-1887) The Oriental

Florence Ada Fuller (Australian artist, 1867-1946) Inseparables 1900

Jean-Honoré Fragonard (French artist, 1732–1806). The Reader c. 1770–1772

Harold Harvey (English Painter, 1874-1941) The Artist's Wife 1917

Helene Schjerfbeck (Finnish Painter, 1862-1946) Girl Reading 1904

Henry Lamb (English painter, 1883-1960) The Artist's Wife 1933

Albert Anker (Swiss artist, 1831-1910) A Gotthelf Reader

Michael Peter Ancher (Danish artist, 1849–1927) A Young Girl Reading

Franz Skarbina (German artist, 1849-1910) The New Book

Gwen John (Welsh artist, 1876-1939) Reading at The Window

Albert Chevallier Tayler (English artist, 1862-1925) Her Comfort 1889

Beatrix Godwin Whistler (1857-1896), née Birnie Philip (Wife of James McNeill Whistler after Edward William Godwin) Woman in straw hat reading a book

 Boris Grigoriev (Russian artist, 1886-1939) Woman Reading 1912

Bessie Ellen Davidson (Australian artist, 1879-1965), The Green Book 1912

Félix Edouard Vallotton (Swiss artist, 1865-1925) The Reader 1922

Hans Bachmann (Swiss artist, 1852-1917) Seated Woman Reading at the Window

 Nicolae Vermont (Romanian artist, 1866-1932) Reading 1919

Harold Knight (English artist, 1874-1961) Morning Sun 1913

Henri Matisse (French artist, 1869-1954) Woman Reading at a Dressing Table

Léon-François Comerre (French artist, 1850-1916) Girl with a Golden Wreath

William Mainwaring Palin. (English artist, 1862-1947) Nora Allen, seated half-length, reading a book

Pablo Picasso (Spanish artist, 1881-1973) La Lectora 1920

Georges Lemmen (Belgian artist, 1865-1916) Reading

William Stott of Oldham (British painter, 1857-1900) CMS Readin by Gaslight 1884

William Strang Strang (Scottish painter, 1859-1921)  Cynthia 1917

Jules Pascin. (Bulgarian-born French Expressionist painter, 1885 - 1930) Hermine Reading 1917

Karl Hofer (German artist, 1878 -1955) Sinnende junge Frau

 Nicolae Tonitza (Romanian artist, 1886-1940  Reading

Octav Angheluta (Romanian artist, 1904-1979) Reading

Nella Marchesini-Malvano. (Italian artist, 1901-1953) Sister Maria 1950-53