Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sewing indoors - 1700s

1747 John Greenwood (Artist in British Colonial America, 1727-1792 Detail

1749-52 John Wollaston 1733-1767 Portrait of a Woman

1773 John Singleton Copley (American artist, 1738-1815) Mr & Mrs Thomas Miffin (Sarah Morris)

1778 John Singleton Copley 1738-1815 Mrs. Seymour Fort

1788 Charles Willson Peale (American artist, 1741-1827)  Ruth Stanley (Mrs John Mix) Detail

1791 Gilbert Stuart (American artist, 1755-1828) Anna Dorothea Foster & Charlotte Anna 

1792 Gilbert Stuart (American artist, 1755-1828) Catherine Lane Barker

1792 Ralph Earl (American artist, 1751-1801) Mrs Richard Alsop

Ralph Earl (American artist, 1751-1801) Sarah Tucker (with needlework)

Reuben Mouthrop (American artist, 1763-1814) Mrs. Eunecia Street Stebbins

1793 Gilbert Stuart (American artist, 1755-1828) Catherine Brass (Mrs Richard Yates)

Ralph Earl (American artist, 1751-1801) Mrs Ebenezer Porter (Lucy Patty Pierce Merwin) with lace

Francois DuParc (French painter, 1705-1788) Woman Knitting

Jacques-André-Joseph Aved (French painter, 1702–1766)

Philip Mercier (French painter, 1689- 1760)

Francois-Hubert Drouais (French painter, 1727-1775)

Jacques-Louis David (French painter, 1748-1825) Portrait of Madame Adélaide Pastoret, 1791-1792

Joshua Reynolds (English Rococo Era Painter, 1723-1792) Handwork

Ivan Petrovich Argunov (Russian painter, Иван Петрович Аргунов, 1727–1802) Countess Tolstoy 1768

Angelica Kauffman (French artist, 1741-1807) Turkish Woman Sewing 1773

Archduchess Marie Christine of Austria (1742-1798) Self Portrait 1765

Domestick Amusement - The Fair Seamstress 1764

Domestick Amusement - The Lovely Spinner 1764

Francoise-Marie Pouget c 1775

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