Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sewing indoors - 1800s

Edgar Melville Ward (American painter, 1839–1915) Quilting Party

We learned to sew patchwork at school while we were learning the alphabet; and almost every girl had a bed quilt of her own begun, with an eye to future house furnishing. I was not overfond of sewing, but I thought it best to begin mine early.

So I collected squares of calico, and undertook to put them together in my usual independent way, without asking direction. I liked assorting those little figured bits of cotton cloth, for they were scraps of gowns I had seen worn, and they reminded me of the persons who wore them.

Lucy Larcom, A New England Girlhood 1889

1820 Heinrich Maria von Hess (German artist, 1798-1863) Portrait of Fanny Gail 

Enoch Wood Perry (American painter, 1831–1915) A Quilting Party

John Eastman (American Painter, fl 1842-1880) Sewing

Julian Alden Weir (American artist, 1852-1919) Two Women Sewing, ca. 1885.

Jozef Israels (Dutch Realist Painter, 1824-1911) Expectation

 Isidor Kaufmann (Austrian-Hungarian painter, 1854-1921) Threading a needle 1887

  American School - Portrait Of A Lady With A Sewing Basket

 Enoch Wood Perry, Jr. (American artist, 1831–1915) Girl Quilting 1885

 Susan Macdowell Eakins (1851-1938) Woman Sewing

 1858 Jules Breton (French artist, 1827-1906) La Petite Couturière

 Mihály Munkácsy (1844-1900) Lady seated with her needlework

 Robert Barnes (English artist, 1840-1895) Girl Sewing

Susan Macdowell Eakins (1851-1938) Two Sisters

Albert von Keller (Swiss artist, 1844-1920)

Otto Scholderer (German Painter, 1834-1902) Woman Knitting

John William Waterhouse (British Painter, 1849-1917) Lady of Shalott

 Jozef Israels (Dutch Realist Painter, 1824-1911) Mending Nets

Jozef Israels (Dutch Realist Painter, 1824-1911) Woman Sewing

Jozef Israels (Dutch Realist Painter, 1824-1911) Young Girl Sewing

Fritz von Uhde (German painter, born Friedrich Hermann Carl Uhde, 1848–1911) Dressmaker at the Window 1890

Joseph Arthur Palliser Severn (British artist, 1842-1931)

Peter Vilhelm Ilsted (Danish painter, 1861-1933) Woman Sewing by the Window 1886

Artist Yuri Yakovlevich Leman (1834-1901) The Handicraft

Bruck, Lajos Ludwig (Hungarian-born artist, 1846-1910) Sewing Woman

Charles Francis Marchal (French artist, 1825-1877) Penelope 1868

Edmund Charles Tarbell (American Impressionist, 1862–1938) Girl Crocheting

F. R. Deleub Lady with Whippet

Georg Friedrich Kersting (Danish artist, 1785-1847) Young Woman Sewing 1823

Alexander Hugo Bakker Korff (Dutch artist, 1824-1882) The Seamstress

Georg Friedrich Kersting (German painter, 1785-1847) 1812

Fritz von Uhde (German painter, born Friedrich Hermann Carl Uhde, 1848–1911) Sisters in the Sewing Room

Edward Lamson Henry (American genre painter, 1841–1919) Embroidery

Mikhail Aleksandrovich Zichy (Hungarian artist, 1829-1906)

Mikhail Aleksandrovich Zichy (Hungarian painter, 1829-1906)

James Brade Sword (American genre artist, 1839-1915) Woman Embroidering

Michael Zichy (Hungarian artist, 1827 - 1906) 1878

Eva Bonnier (Swedish artist, 1857-1909) Couturieres 1887

Karl Gampenrieder (German artist, 1860-1930) Needlepoint

Antonio Cortina Farinós (Spanish painter, 1841-1890), Woman Sewing

Neuro NV (1830-1904)

A. Gilbert (American painter) Leisure Hours 1890

Charles Frederic Ulrich (American painter, 1858–1908) Young Girl Embroidering

Enoch Wood Perry (American painter, 1831–1915) A Month's Darning

Frederick Frieseke (American painter, 1874-1939) Silhouette

Carl Vilhelm Holsoe (Danish artist, 1863-1935) Woman Sewing

 Jules Breton (French Realist Painter, 1827-1906) Peasant Woman Threading a Needle

Jules Breton (French Realist Painter, 1827-1906) Young Woman Knitting 1873

Vilhelm Hammershoi (Danish Artist, 1864–1916) Young Girl Sewing, 1887

Telemaco Signorini (Italian Painter, 1835-1901) Sketch for 'Straw Weavers at Settignano' c 1880

Platt Powell Ryder (American artist, 1821–1896) Woman at Spinning Wheel