Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sewing indoors - 1900s by American artists

Charles Webster Hawthorne (American Painter, 1872-1930) The Trousseau 1910

Howard Logan Hildebrandt (American artist, 1872–1958) Two Women Sewing

John Hubbard Rich (American artist, 1876–1954) Mending at the Table

William Hekking ( (American artist, 1885-1970). Woman Embroidering, 1909

Robert Hale Ives Gammell (American artist, 1893–1981) The Seamstress Sewing

Charles Webster Hawthorne (American Painter, 1872-1930)The Dress Maker 1920

Frank W. Benson (American painter, 1862-1951) The Sunny Window 1919

Edmund Tarbell (American painter, 1862-1938) Josephine Knitting

Lee Lufkin Kaula (American painter, 1865–1957) Woman with Knitting

Adolph Borie (American artist, 1877-1934) Mending

Edmund Tarbell (American painter, 1862-1938) Girl Mending 1910

Donna Norine Schuster (American painter, 1883–1953) Woman Sewing

William MacGregor Paxton (American painter, 1869-1941) Woman Sewing detail

Francis Day (American artist, 1863-1942) The First Stitch

Charles Webster Hawthorne (American Painter, 1872-1930) Girl Sewing 1923

Cecilia Beaux (American Painter, 1855-1942) Sewing

Charles Webster Hawthorne (American Painter, 1872-1930) Sewing

William Glackens (American Ashcan School Painter, 1870-1938) Woman Sewing

Joseph Rodefer DeCamp (American painter, 1858 – 1923) Sewing

Julian Alden Weir (American painter, 1852-1919) The Lace Maker

Louis Ritman (Russian-born American painter, 1889-1963) Sewing 1914

Marguerite Stuber Pearson (American painter, 1898-1978) Sewing by the Fireplace

James Carroll Beckwith (American painter, 1852-1917) The Embroiderer

James Jebusa Shannon (American-born artist, 1862–1923), Embroidery 1907

Francis Hyman Criss (American artist, 1901–1973) Alma Sewing