Monday, August 17, 2015

1612-20 The Seven Deadly Sins by Jan Collaert II 1571-1633

1612-1620 Septem Peccata Mortalia Print made by: Jan Collaert II (printmaker; Flemish; Male; c.1561-c.1620) Published by: Theodoor Galle (publisher/printer; printmaker; dealer/auction house; Flemish; Male; 1571-1633)

The Seven Deadly Sins; Adam and Eve in central image; surrounded by seven roundels with biblical scenes showing the seven deadly sins ('Pride' as the fallen angels [Isaiah 14]; 'Avarice' as Ananias and Sapphira dropping dead in front of St Peter after withholding part of profits [Acts 5]; 'Gluttony' as a corpulent man surrounded by other men [1 Kings 25]; 'Lust' as Phinehas killing Zimri and Cosbi [Numbers 25]; 'Sloth' as king Solomon and the idler [Proverbs 6]; 'Envy' as Joseph and his brothers [Genesis 37]; 'Wrath' as Cain and Abel [Genesis 4]); undescribed state with address of Theodor Galle