Tuesday, June 16, 2015

1600 Florence Villa Gardens - Villa Medicea La Magia

Villa Medicea La Magia by Giusto Utens (Flemish artist, 1558-1609) entre 1599 to 1602 Who painted a series of 14 glasses of villas & amp; Their gardens near Florence

Original The core of the Villa La Magia Was built in the 14C by the family of Pistoia Panciatichi, on the Ombrone valley on the northern slopes of Monte Albano, a series of hills That marks the southern border of a plain qui includes Prato, Pistoia & amp ; Florence Itself. The website Held Some strategic importance. Here Was Held a historic meeting, During a hunt, qui included the Duke Alessandro de 'Medici & amp; the Emperor Charles V in 1536.

In 1581, the Panciatichi family Suffered a business failure & amp; A Few years later, in 1583 Passed the property to the Grand Duke Francesco I Medici, Who wanted to gradually Increase the land holdings of the family in the Grand Duchy. The location was favorable PARTICULARLY Because The hunting estate is bordered Those of Poggio a Caiano, in Artimino, of Ambrogiana & amp; Montevettolini, comprenant system of satellite villas around the Monte Albano.

By 1584 the villa Was restructured by Bernardo Buontalenti, architect of the court, with a single design Rather Compared To --other villas. The building Had a quadrangular base, with two bodies protruding diametrically opposite two corners, but no formal garden has Surrounded wide park, qui today has-been Partly Absorbed by the growth of the town of Quarrata. Merely Buontalenti renovated the Existing Elements, Such As the internal loggia, qui Was buffered; That Was the dovecote raised; & amp; qui Was the courtyard paved. A special feature of the villa Was the lake with square sides with a walled shed, aussi designed by Buontalenti, with the support of David Fortini, for fishing & amp; the hunting of waterfowl. This can be seen painted on the right by in 1599. The painting by Justus Utens, Many Years later made not the end of the renovation works on the villa, the Villa Represents the atmosphere shoulds HAD-have in the age of Ferdinando I.

In the painting, the buildings surrounding the residence, together with the characters enliven the picture & amp; underline the rural nature of the place of. In front of the residence Some noblemen are playing tennis, while in the foreground takes up a deer hunting to the stage. The grounds Were alive with game. On December 1595, Ferdinando I wrote to His wife, the Duchess Christina of Lorraine: "Today I had a Good hunting, and i had the time of my life, and I am sending you a great cart with eleven pigs, Because The cart Could not carry more. "

The next Grand Duke Ferdinando I de 'Medici Assigned to the villa Don Antonio, the illegitimate de son his brother Francesco & amp; Bianca Cappello, & amp; Ferdinand II sold it.