Tuesday, June 16, 2015

1600 Florence Villa Gardens - Villa Medici di Montevettolini

Villa Medici di Montevettolini by Giusto Utens (Flemish artist, 1558-1609) entre 1599-1602 Who painted a series of 14 glasses of villas & amp; Their gardens near Florence

This villa sitting on a high hill on the west slopes of Monte Albano, Was built in 1595 by Grand Duke after-Ferdinando I. It sat at the edge of Barco Reale, huge year walled hunting reserve qui stretched from Poggio a Caino to include the whole of Monte Albano. It was hunting Obviously Reviews another destination, the Villa goal aussi Appears to have 2 walled vegetable gardens, orchards, and in the rear is a wide terraced garden with geometric parterres.