Tuesday, June 30, 2015

1680s-1710 English houses, gardens, & evolving man-made landscapes by Jan Griffer I 1645-1718

1680-90  Jan Griffer I (Dutch artist, 1645-1718) Bird's Eye View of Sudbury Hall South Front and Its Formal Gardens

Jan Griffier (ca 1652–1718) was a Dutch painter active in England, where he was admitted to the London Company of Painter-Stainers in 1677.  The artist was born at Amsterdam, where he was apprenticed successively to a carpenter, an earthenware manufacturer, & a flower-painter before becoming a pupil of Roelant Roghman (1627-1692) in landscape-painting. Mixing at Amsterdam in the society of the great painters, such as Rembrandt, Ruysdael, & Lingelbach, he became acquainted with their various styles, & traces of their influence may be observed in his works.  His city views, invaluable topographical evidence, suggest that his travels in England were extensive. 

1690 Jan Griffer I (Dutch artist, 1645-1718) London and the River Thames from One Tree Hill, Greenwich Park

1700-18 Jan Griffer I (Dutch artist, 1645-1718) View of Old Kedleston House

1705 Jan Griffer I (Dutch artist, 1645-1718) View from One Tree Park The Queen's House and the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

1706-10 Jan Griffer I (Dutch artist, 1645-1718) The Thames at Horseferry, with Lambeth Palace and a Distant View of the City, London

1710 Jan Griffer I (Dutch artist, 1645-1718) View of Hampton Court Palace. This seems to be a view of 2 royal estates: Hampton Court Palace & perhaps Windsor Castle, which has been identified in the fantasy castle to the right. The landscape appears to have been manipulated to juxtapose 2 great palaces of the reigning Queen, Anne.