Friday, June 12, 2015

17C Children Almost Outdoors

1609 Circle of Jan Claesz (Enkhuizen painter, b 1570- a 1618) An eight-year-old boy, possibly of the Blauhulck family, with his horse.  In this portrait, the young man is standing in a safe interior, but just on the threshold of more dangerous nature, which is visible in the background.

1625 Unknown Artist of the Dutch school, Girl with cherries & doll.  She is on the verge of nature, but it is nature controlled as a formal garden.

1629 Unknown artist of the Dutch School Two Little Dutch Children in an interior with a view of Nature, Aprons, Holding Apples, Cherries, & a Straw Bag.  Children holding fruit combined with the glimpse out a window suggests that they might be spending some time outdoors gathering fruit.

1631 Unknown artist Sarra de Peyster in an interior. Inscription [at upper left] Sarra Depeyster AEtatis  30 Maenden 23 Mey 1631   The child here is holding a precious tulip.  Tulipmania was a frenzied period in Dutch history, from 1620 to 1637, when speculation in tulip bulbs went wild. The prices went to astronomical levels - up to the equivalent of £1.3million per bulb.

 1632 Jan Anthonisz van Ravesteyn (Dutch painter, 1572-1657) Portrait of Joannes de Ruyter, 1632 - Princess Salimah Aga Khan.  This child is clearly in a safe interior surrounded by toys & holding a bird, but in the background gardeners work in the formal garden just beyond the view.

1657 Jan Jansz. de Stomme (Dutch painter, 1615-c 1657)  Portrait of Evert en Reint Lewe with hats & coral necklaces.  The very controlled nature of a large formal garden can be seen out the window.

1664 Cesar Pietersz, or Cesar Boetius van Everdingen (1616-17-1678) Two-year-old Boy with an Apple and a Bird.  This child is actually portrayed in an outdoor setting but with the traditional indoor checkerboard tile floor.