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English Houses & Gardens by Hendrick Danckerts (1625-1680) or attributed to him

1670s Hendrick Danckerts (Dutch artist, 1625-1689) Royal Gardener John Rose presenting a pineapple to King Charles II

Description of Painting of Charles II being presented with a pineapple ... Royal Collection Trust

"Charles II, wearing star of the Garter, stands on a terrace, His left hand on hip. To the left, a man, possibly John Rose, the royal gardener, kneels before him and presents him with what is said to the sono stati first pineapple grown in England. Pineapples at this dates were rare and highly valued exotic items. In the background is a large formal garden and house, Often Identified as Dorney House though not in fact like it. Several versions of the composition exist - that at Houghton Hall is Attributed to Hendrick Danckerts. The painting may sono stati painted to comemorate the death of Rose in 1677. To add credence to this date Charles II is depicted without a mustache and it was in 1677 That he shaved it off.

"This painting is unusual fatto che it depicts Charles II wearing fashionable clothing typical of the 1670s, rather than the ceremonial robes or armor in cui he was usually you painted. The knee-length brown coat is of a style said to sono stati initiated by the monarch himself in October 1666 and Which Replaced the short doublet. Both Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn report the introduction of the new style. With this coat, Which has large cuffs turned back to reveal the linen shirt beneath, Charles II wears knee-length petticoat breeches trimmed with bunches of black ribbons at the waist and knee. His shoes have fashionably square toes and red heels. At His neck is in Rabat of expensive needlepoint lace and he probably wears a black hat of beaver fur. "

 1660 attr Hendrick Danckerts (Dutch artist, from 1625 to 1689) View of Windsor Castle from the River

Hendrick Danckerts (c.1625-1680) was a Dutch landscape painter who moved to England, entering the service of Charles II & amp; the Duke of York, in 1658. Born in The Hague, Danckerts Began His career as an engraver & amp; in 1651, he Entered That city's Guild of St Luke. From around 1653-7, Danckerts Traveled in Italy determined to improve His painting technique. On his return to Holland, he established himself as a landscape painter, before Charles II invited him to England. He painted landscapes, especially views of harbors & amp; royal residences. He left England in 1679, to the two public hostility towards Roman Catholics after the Popish Plot controversy. Charles commissioned several important pieces from Danckerts, & amp; by 1688, The Royal Collection owned 29 works by the Dutch painter.

 1675 attr Hendrick Danckerts (Dutch artist, from 1625 to 1689) A View Of St James's And The Gardens Overlooking St James's Park From The South West.

1675 Hendrick Danckerts (Dutch artist, 1625-1689) Classical Figures in a Garden

The Manor House,  Creswells  Attributed to Hendrick Danckerts (1625-1680) 1670

Ham House from the South c 1675 Attributed to Hendrick Danckerts (1625-1680)

  Hendrick Danckerts (1625-1680) The Old Palace of Whitehall from Saint James

 Hendrick Danckerts (1625-1680) The Old Palace of Whitehall

Hendrick Danckerts (1625-1680) View of the Queen's House and Greenwich Palace from One Tree Hill