Thursday, June 11, 2015

Garden - 1736 The sad story of Hornby Hall and Castle

1736 Arthur Devis (Inglese artist, 1712-1787) Hornby Hall and Castle

In the garden can be seen a young couple, Bennison Thomas & amp; Ann Dowbiggin, being presented with a bouquet by the estate gardener on the occasion of moving into Their new house. Bennison was a Protestant & amp; His wife Ann was a Catholic. Shortly after the picture was painted Bennison died, & amp; His vast fortune passed to His 11 year old daughter Ann, who Had Been brought up as a Catholic. In 1752, Ann married John Fenwick of nearby Burrow Hall. Discovering That he was in financial straits mean, she legally passed over to him her fortune & amp; the deeds of Hornby Hall. In a cruel twist of fate he died shortly afterwards, according to Functional & amp ;, the law of Hanoverian England, the summer was successfully Claimed by Thomas Fenwick, His Protestant brother. Only many years later did Ann Fenwick succeed in retrieving part of her fortune, in recognition of Which she erected St Mary's Chapel, Hornby. Interestingly, Only When the painting was recently restored were the figures of Ann's parents & amp; Summer gardener revealed, having Been Out painted 250 years ago by Thomas Fenwick who could not have Wished to be Reminded of His ill-gotten gains.

Arthur Devis is principally known as a painter of the "conversation piece," or informal portrait in domestic surroundings. This picture, However, was painted very early in his artistic career in the years immediately Following His apprenticeship to the landscape painter Peter Tillemans (1684-1734), & amp; shows Hornby Hall shortly after it was built in 1735.