Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Love these 17C roses!

 1654 Countess Beata Elisabeth von Königsmarck attributed to Hendrick Munnichhoven

Hendrick Munnichhoven (even Hendrik Munnikhoven, and Münnichhoven), probably was born in Stockholm. The Swedish artist died in August 1664 in Stockholm.

Portrait of Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie with his wife Maria Euphrosyne attributed to Hendrick Munnichoven, 1653. (He is so bejeweled & befeathered.)


  1. Rex Whistler who sometimes used Königsmarck as a nom de plume, would have loved these. It's the 110th anniversary of his birth tomorrow (24 June 1905).

  2. The silk dresses, jewells and feathers were all very romantic, and so were the flowers. 17th century artists, particularly in the Netherlands, could not have found a more romantic element to add to their paintings.