Sunday, July 5, 2015

17C & 18C English Gardens & Grounds by Unknown Artists

 Unknown British Artist, Christ Church, Oxford

 1703-13 Unknown British Artist Pierrepont House, Nottingham

 1720 Unknown British artist, View of the South Aspect of Belton House, Lincolnshire, with the House Porter

 1724 Unknown British artist, Her Majesties Royal Palace & Park of St. James's in Britannia Illustrata

 1730s Unknown British Artist Temple Flower Garden of Richard Bateman’s Grove House, Old Windsor, Berkshire

 1740 Unknown British Artist, View Bayhall, Pembury, Kent by British School.

 1745 Unknown British Artist St James' Park and the Mall

 1769 Unknown British Artist Shaw House near Newbury, Berkshire 

1772 Unknown Artist,  The Hermitage North End Road, London

 1775 Unknown British Artist Harrison's History of London The Queen's Palace in St James Park

 1784 Unknown British Artist Court House Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset Hill 

1797 Unknown British artist, An English Country House