Friday, July 3, 2015

Rococo Borders & English Gardens & Grounds by Thomas Robins 1716-1770

1748 Thomas Robins. 1716–1770. Panoramic View of Charlton Park, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Thomas Robins the Elder (1716-1770) was born near Cheltenham & worked mostly around Bath.  Sometimes called the Limner of Bath, he is remembered for his sometime naive paintings of country houses & gardens framed with rococo borders of wild flowers, tendrils, leaves, birds, shells & butterflies. His works depict various gardens & seem to provide the only visual record of a brief Rococo period in English garden design. Apart from his paintings, there is almost no evidence that British Rococo gardens ever existed.

Thomas Robins (1716-1770) The Grounds of Honington Hall Showing the South & West Fronts Thomas Robins the Elder

1757 Thomas Robins (1716-1770) Prospect of Pan’s Lodge, Panswyke [Painswick House], Gloucestershire

 Thomas Robins. 1716–1770

Thomas Robins. 1716–1770 View of Bath; from the E, looking over the Avon from Bathwick Meadows, with Bowling Green to left, Grand Parade, Pierpoint St and Duke St, St James's church tower, to right the Orange Grove and E end of Abbey

 1750s Thomas Robins. 1716–1770 

 Thomas Robins. 1716–1770 

  Thomas Robins. 1716–1770 Gloucester from Hempsted

1750s Thomas Robins. 1716–1770

  Thomas Robins. 1716–1770

Thomas Robins. 1716–1770 The grounds at Honington hall, Warwickshire,, showing the ornemental water designed by Sanderson Miller

Thomas Robins (1716-1770) Chinese Kiosk or Pavilion, old Windsor, Berkshire


John Harris, Gardens of Delight: The Art of Thomas Robins, 1978, 2 years earlier there had been an exhibition of his work at the RIBA & at the Holburne Menstrie Museum in Bath.

See also Introduction to his Life & Work by Cathryn Spence & Daniel Brown, Bath, 2006