Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Arranging Flowers in 19C & early 20C America

 Charles Courtney Curran (Amercian artist, 1861-1942) Seeking the Ideal

Charles Webster Hawthorne (American artist, 1872-1930) Arranging Daffodils

Francis Luis Mora (American artist, 1874-1940).  Flowers of the Field 1913

Frederick Carl Frieseke (American Impressionist Painter, 1874-1939) Girl in Blue Arranging Flowers

Frederick Childe Hassam (American artist, 1859-1935) Arranging Jonquils

  Richard Edward or Emil Miller (American painter, 1875-1943)

Karl Albert Buehr (German-born American Painter, 1866-1952) Expectancy

Edwin Harris (American painter, 1858-1901) Arranging The Irises 1897

Caroline McCurdy (American painter) The Flower Arranger 1891

Mary Bradish Titcomb (American painter, 1858-1927) The Flower Arranger

James Longacre Wood (American painter, 1863-1938) Flower Girl 1899

De Scott Evans (American painter, 1847-1898) Arranging Pink Roses 1891

Lilian Westcott Hale (American Painter, 1880-1963) Daffy Down Lily 1908

James Jabusa Shannon (American-born British painter, 1962-1923) The Green Vase 1898

John White Alexander (American artist, 1856–1915) June

Frederick Childe Hassam (American painter, 1859-1935) Marechal Niel Roses 1919

Francis Coates Jones (American artist, 1857–1932) Woman Arranging Flowers

Francis Coates Jones (American artist, 1857–1932) Flowers in the Window

William McGregor Paxton (American painter, 1869-1941) Girl Arranging Flowers 1921

George Laurence Nelson (American artist, 1887–1978) Helen with Poppies

Lee Lufkin Kaula (American artist, 1865– 1957) Arranging Roses

Robert Brackman (American artist, 1898–1980) Persephone and Flowers

Marguerite Stuber Pearson (American painter, 1898–1978) Contemplation c 1920

Frederick Frieseke (American artist, 1874-1939) Mahda 1921

George Laurence Nelson (American artist, 1887-1978) The Flower Arrangement 1926