Sunday, August 23, 2015

Doing the Laundry - 20C Europe & Britain

Thomas CS Benham (English painter, 1878- 1922) Jour de séchage

Abram Efimovich Arkhipov  (Russian artist, 1862-1930) The Washer Women

Aristide Maillol (French artist, 1861-1944) Laundry

William Orpen (Irish Painter, 1878-1931)  The Wash House

Louis Valtat (French artist, 1869-1952) Woman with a Wash Tub 1909

Pierre Auguste Renoir (French Impressionist painter, 1841-1919) Laundresses 1912

Marie van Regteren Altena (Dutch artist, 1868-1958) The Linen Room

Pierre Bonnard, (French painter, 1867-1947). The Linen 1900 Detail

Abram Efimovich Arkhipov (Russian artist, 1862-1930) Washer Women

Franz Marc (German painter, 1880-1916) Laundry Fluttering in the Wind

William Orpen (Irish Painter, 1878-1931)  Lottie of Paradise Walk

Egon Schiele (Austrian Expressionist Painter, 1890-1918) House with Drying Laundry 1917

1900 Carlo Cressini (Italian 1864-1938) Laundry

Jean-Eugene Buland (French painter, 1852-1927)  Le déjeuner des laveuses

Rik Wouters (Belgian artist, 1882-1916) Woman Ironing 1912

Andrei Andreevich Tutunov (Russian artist, 1928) The Laundry Drying 1945

Stanley Spencer, (English painter, 1891 – 1959) Sorting Laundry

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