Monday, August 17, 2015

Flower Sellers across the globe 18C - 20C

Bartolomé Estéban Murillo (1617-1682) The Flower Girl

George Beare (English artist fl 1743-1749) Flower seller

 In the crowded industrial cities of the 19C, where flowers & gardens were a luxury, town folks often depended on local flower sellers at open-air markets & on street corners. Generally, I am not a huge fan of sentimental genre paintings as art, but they often contain period details not available from other historical sources. 

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes (Spanish painter, 1746–1828) The Flower Seller (Detail)

Albert Conrad (German artist, 1837-1887) Flower Girl

Unknown French artist in 1800's Flower Seller

Julius Le Blanc Stewart (American-born French artist, 1855-1919) Flower Girl 1890

Arvid Liljelund (Finnish artist, 1844-1899) Girl with flowers

A de Valentini (19C French artist) Flower Seller c 1840s

Emma Edle von Seehof Muller (Austrian artist, 1859–1925) Flower Girl

 Paul Gustave Fischer (Danish artist,1860 –1934) Elegant Woman Buying Flowers

 Paul Gustave Fischer (Danish artist,1860 –1934) Flower Market, Copenhagen

 Sir Luke Fildes. English (English artist, 1843-1927) Venetian Flower Girl,

Valentine Cameron Prinsep (1838-1904) The Flower Seller

Josef Wenzel Süss (Austrian artist, 1857 – 1937) A woman selling flowers

Ludwig Thiersch (German painter, 1825 –1909) Venetian Flower Seller

Charles Hermans (Belgian artist, 1839-1924) The Flower Seller

E. Giachi (19C Italian artist) The Flower Seller

Jean von de Brug (19C Dutch artist) Flower Seller

Jules Bastien-Lepage (French Realist Painter, 1848-1884) Flower Seller in London 1882

Kasimir Malevich (Ukrainian painter, 1878-1935) Flower Girl 1903

Leon Francois Comerre (French artist, 1850-1934) The Flower Seller

Paul Emile (French artist, 19C) Flower Seller

Nikolai Efimovich Rachkov (Russian painter, 1825-1895) Portret de fetita

Robert Kemm (British artist, 1837-1895) The Flower Seller

Thomas Benjamin Kennington (English genre painter, 1856-1916) The Pinch of Poverty 1891

William Etty (British artist, 1787-1849) Miss Lewis as a Flower Girl

 Edwin Long ( British artist, 1829-1891) The Spanish Flower Seller 1867

 Gustave Doré (French artist, 1832-1883) Flower Sellers

John Phillip (British artist, 1817-1867) Spanish Flower Seller 1864

Léon-Jean-Bazille Perrault (French artist, 1832-1908) The Flower Vendor

Louis Eugene Leroux (French artist, 1833-1905) The Flower Seller

Hugo Salmson (Swedish artist, 1843–1894) Flower Seller

Gustave Jean Jacquet (French artist, 1846-1909) Flower Seller

Gaetano Bellei (Italian artist, 1857-1922) Tuscan Flower Girl

George Clausen (English rustic naturalist painter, 1852-1944) Flora the Gypsy Flower Seller

Yuri Ivanovich Pimenov, (Russia, 1903 - 1977) Paper flowers and primroses

And, finally, my favorite depiction of getting those flowers home from the flower seller.

George William Joy (British painter, 1844-1925) Bayswater Omnibus 1895