Saturday, August 22, 2015

Off the the Fair - in 20C Britain & the United States

1900s George Sheringham (British artist, 1884-1937) Hampstead Fair

1904 Alfred James Munnings (British artist, 1878–1959) Tombland Fair, is an area in the centre of Norwich where an annual fair was held from medieval times.

 1906 Air Ship at Central New York Fair, Oneonta, NY September 1906

 1910 Noel Denholm Davis (British artist, 1876-1950) Nottingham Goose Fair

 1920-25 John Nicholls (British artist) Wolverhampton Fair

1922 Los Angeles County Fair

1926 Arthur Spooner (British artist, 1873-1962) The Goose Fair, Nottingham

1927 Charles Ernest Cundall (British artist, 1890-1971) Abingdon Fair

 1927 Ernest Procter (British artist, 1886-1935) All the Fun of the Fair

1930 Eileen B. Anderson (British artist, 1888-1974) Balloon Stall at Hull Fair

 1935 Edward Firn (American artist, 1909–1966), County Fair

 1940s Lavern Kammerude (American artist, 1915-1989) The County Fair

 1950 Anna Mary Robertson Moses (American artist, 1860-1961) County Fair

 1950s Vernon P. Johnson (American artist, 1918-2005)  Fair in Knox County (Ohio)

 1950s Vernon P. Johnson (American artist, 1918-2005) Fair in Knox County (Ohio)

1950s Vernon P. Johnson (American artist, 1918-2005) Home Stretch at the  Fair in Knox County (Ohio)

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  1. Cool topic. Munnings will almost always be my favourite and Tombland Fair (1904) is worthy. But there was barely a horse in sight, not hunting, driving carriages or racing. I imagine the rough brush strokes evoked the excitement and movement of the fair.