Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day - Women Working Together 1800s - early 1900s

Enoch Wood Perry (American painter, 1831-1913) Women Weaving Baskets 

Louis Lang (Amreican artist, 1814–1893) The Sewing Party

Charles Sprague Pearce (American Painter, 1851-1914) Women in the Fields

Harry Roseland (American artist, 1867-1950) An Important Letter

Henry Mosler (American genre artist, 1841-1920)  Quilting Bee

John Eastman (American Painter, fl 1842-1880) The Conversation

 John Leon Moran (American painter, 1864-1941) Cabbage Pickers 1883

Guy Orlando Rose (American painter, 1867-1925) Gathering the Potatoes 1891

Alexander Mann (Scottish artist, 1853-1908) Artficial Flower Workers

Carl Moll (Austrian artist, 1861-1945) The Coffee Factory 1900

Heinrich Strehblow (Austrian artist, 1862) Ladies Embroidering in a Workshop

Johann Hamza (German painter, 1850-1927) Making Feathers 1902

Johann Hamza (German painter, 1850-1927) The Net Menders

Max Liebermann (German painter, 1847-1935) Women in a Canning Factory 1879

Max Liebermann (German painter, 1847-1935) Flax Barn

Max Liebermann (German painter, 1847-1935) Women Plucking Geese

Frederick Richard Pickersgill (English artist, 1820-1900) Honiton Lace Manufactory 1869