Saturday, May 7, 2016

Biography - Duchess Suzane de Bourbon 1491-1521 died without heirs

1500 Suzanne de Bourbon-Beaujeu

Suzanne de Bourbon (1491–1521) was Duchess of Bourbon and Auvergne from 1503 to her death. Her husband was Charles de Bourbon.

She was the daughter & only surviving offspring of Peter II, Duke of Bourbon, & Anne of France, daughter of King Louis XI of France. She became duchess regant in 1503, after the death of her father. Her mother, Anne, acted as her regent during her minority & negotiated for several different marriages to ensure that she had a spouse who would protect her position.

On 10 May 1505, at Château du Parc-les-Moulins, Suzanne married her cousin Charles de Bourbon, head of the Montpensier family, a cadet branch of the Bourbons. Her husband was made her co-ruler through marriage.  Suzanne of Bourbon had 3 children, Francis de Bourbon, Count of Clermont, (1517-18) who only lived 6 months. She also had stillborn twins. Suzanne died at Château de Châtellerault. Her husband kept his position as Duke of Bourbon after her death. Her death without heirs caused her lands to eventually become a part of the kingdom of France.