Friday, October 2, 2015

Biography - Margareta von Habsburg of the Netherlands 1480-1530

Margareta von Habsburg of the Netherlands 1480-1530 was appointed regent by her father Emperor Maximilian, between 1507-1515. She served as intermediary between him & his subjects in the Netherlands; negotiated a treaty of commerce with England for Flemish cloth interests; & played a role in the formation of the League of Cambrai in 1508. Her nephew, Karl V, removed her from office but soon recognized her as one of his wisest advisers. He appointed her as governor, General-Stadholder of the Netherlands from 1518-1530.

Margareta or Mary von Habsburg of the Netherlands

In 1529, together with Louise of Savoy, she negotiated the Treaty of Cambrai, the so-called Ladies' Peace.

Louise of Savoy as Sibylla Agrippa

Margareta von Habsburg's mother was Duchess Marie of Bourgogne. Her mother was born in Brussels in 1457; & she died tragically in Brugge in 1482, when she fell off her horse, which then fell on top of her. She was the only daughter of the duke Karl of Burgundy.

Maria von Burgund, or Maria duchess of Burgundy.

Margareta von Habsburg's personal life was hectic. Her 1st marriage to King Charles VIII of France ended in divorce. Her 2nd husband, Juan, the Crown Prince of Aragón & Castilla, died shortly after their marriage in 1497. In 1501, she wed once again to Duke Philiberto II of Savoie, who died 3 years later. She also served as Countess of Artois, Bourgogne (Franche-Comté), Mâcon, Auxerre and Charolais, & Dame de Salins from 1493 as Marguerite III. Although she married 3 times, she had no children.