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Illuminated Manuscripts - Telling the Shepherds of Jesus' Birth

One of my favorite Christmas stories is the annunciation to the lowly shepherds of the birth of the baby Christ child.  Whom did the angels tell first?  The community's outcasts, including some women working with the wool, who lived in the countryside year-round with dogs & sheep.  And Mary welcomed them to visit her new baby.  Only later did the important nobles arrive. The common man came first, and these lovely little illustrations imagine the stunned herders hearing the news.

Annunciation to the Shepherds who are making music while the dog howls and the woman works with the wool.  Sheep and their tenders are in an enclosure.

 Annunciation to the Shepherds who include a woman and a man getting dressed.

 Annunciation to the Shepherds Unknown; c 1475-1480

 Annunciation to the Shepherds Bean MS1 - Folio 45l Shepherds here include a woman.

 Annunciation to the Shepherds Bean MS2 - Folio 75l Shepherds with their dogs and pipes.

 Annunciation to the Shepherds comes from a 15th-century Flemish Book of Hours in the collection of Glencairn Museum (07.MS.639).  Shepherds & their dog looking up at the angels.

 Annunciation to the Shepherds Folio 52r from Les Belles Heures du Duc de Berry. The shepherds were sleeping in the field when angels appeared and told them of the birth of Jesus.Van Limburg brothers 1375 – 1416  The dog in this image is resting.

 Annunciation to the Shepherds from a French Book of Hours (c.1425-50)  The woman works with the wool while the dog looks up at the angels.

 Annunciation to the Shepherds from Prayers (England, S. E. (St Albans), c1240) shelfmark Arundel 157 f.3v.

 Annunciation to the Shepherds London BL - Royal 2 B VII fol-112 

 Annunciation to the Shepherds These shepherds are warming themselves by a fire while their dog rests.

 Annunciation to the Shepherds Simon Marmion (circa 1425–1489) Shepherds complete with dog and pipes.

 Annunciation to the Shepherds South Cross, County Tipperary, Ireland. 8C

 Annunciation to the Shepherds, book of hours (Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevive in Paris.  This image shows another female tending the sheep.

  Annunciation to the Shepherds  Here a woman, two dogs, and three shepherds are visited by angels.

  Annunciation to the Shepherds

Annunciation to the Shepherds  Another dog and shepherds playing pipes rest while sheep are in an enclosure.

 Annunciation to the Shepherds 15C Book of Hours.

 Annunciation to the Shepherds Gavin Hill MS 1 - Folio 57v-l  Here the shepherd's dog seems to be intrigued by the angel.

 Annunciation to the Shepherds Book of Hours of Henry VIII  Here the gentlemen play their pipes while the astounded woman gazes upward.

 Annunciation to the Shepherds MS6, Syracuse University Library

 Annunciation to the Shepherds Royal 1 D X f.1v 

 Annunciation to the Shepherds

Annunciation To The Shepherds By Meister Der Reich

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