Sunday, January 24, 2016

Still digging out of our 30" Blizzard - 1930s Depression Snow in America

Harry Gottlieb (American artist, 1895-1992) Filling the Ice House 1934

1934 Attributed to Martha Levy Winter Scene

1934 Arthur E. Cederquist (American artist, 1894-1954) Old Pennsylvania Farm in Winter

1934 Cecil Chichester, Mid-Hudson Bridge

1934 Nicola Victor Ziroli (Italian-born American artist, 1908-1970)) Bridges in Winter

1934 Jacob Getlar Smith (American artist, 1898-1958) Snow Shovellers

1934 Harry Shokler, Waterfront, Brooklyn

1934 John Cunning (American artist, 1889-1953) Manhattan Skyline

1934 Raymon White Skolfield (American artist, 1909-1996) Natural Power

1934 Saul Berman (American artist, 1899-1978) River Front

1934 Charles Whittle, Music (snow, organ-grinder, monkey, & dog)

Harry W Scheuch (American artist, 1906-1978) Finishing the Cathedral of Learning

Austin Mecklem (American artist, 1894-1951) Engine House and Bunkers, 1934

Mecklem detailed the composition of his painting in a letter, "For subject matter I have chosen a familiar railroad scene with strong dramatic possibilities. It includes machine-shops—[an] engine house—bunkers—roundtable—water-tank and tracks stretching into the middle distance where a river and the buildings of a small town are discernable. The buildings in the foreground arrange in an angular pattern contrasted by the horizontal feeling of the town structures and the river bank, emphasizing the dynamic aspect of the scene. Distant hills faintly seen through a rain-swept sky complete the composition."

From The Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC.